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For years now, Apple Bee has been a wickerwork specialist, but by now we are true ‘leisure time craftspeople’. With our wickerwork furniture, we always aim for innovation: new looks, new wicker types, and unique designs. For our wic – kerwork furniture, we have been working together with craftspeople in Indonesia for decades, because wickerwork is pure craftsmanship there, and we only trust the specialists to do the best job. In Indonesia, this craft is a tradition, and the wickerwork specialists share our passion for beauty and quality. They ensure that our designs have the best finish and you are guaranteed a quality product that you will be able to enjoy for years! Because we attach great importance to the longevity of our furniture, we have invested a lot of time and energy into our own brand of wickerwork, Biculair ®. This rotan looka-like is made of HDPE. The advantage of this type of wicker is that it is weatherproof and colourfast. And it’s recyclable, so it’s eco-friendly.

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Our own brand of wickerwork

In the past, wicker was woven with natural materials such as willow, rattan and pulp cane. About 20 years ago, Apple Bee introduced imitation Biculair® wicker made from HDPE (high density polyethylene). This is a durable, colourfast and recyclable HDPE thread that can withstand all weather conditions! Rain or sun, it doesn't matter with this wire.

In recent years, Apple Bee has also been braiding with wide belts such as in the Elle Belt collection. As the belts overlap, the wickerwork is particularly sturdy and gives the furniture a unique and contemporary look.


Braiding is purely handmade at Apple Bee. Each strand is woven one by one by craftsmen using Biculair® braid (HDPE), which looks exactly like rattan and was originally developed for professional use. This means that it remains beautiful and strong under the influence of European weather conditions and that colours retain their natural character - even better than real rattan! The TNO-tested quality towers high above that of comparable wickerwork.

Apple Bee's wicker furniture is low maintenance. Clean them with cold/yellow clean tap water. Use a sponge or cloth (no steel wool, wire brush or similar). If necessary, add a little green soap (no caustic agents, all-purpose cleaners or chlorine) and rinse with cold/warm clean tap water.

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