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Teak maintenance

Apple Bee has matching care products for all your garden furniture. Different protection is needed per material. When you give a little extra attention to your garden furniture by maintaining it in the right way, you can only enjoy your garden furniture longer! For more information, check out our Teak Maintenance Guide!

Teak Cleaner
To clean weathered teak, simply use Apple Bee Teak Cleaner, which is specially designed to kill fungi and algae inside the teak. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and the color will be restored. Because cleaning teak takes some time and effort, we recommend using Apple Bee Teak Color Restore Antique or Shield before weathering starts again. See the video below for a clear example of cleaning your teak garden furniture.

Teak Color Restore Antique
Apple Bee Teak Color Restore Antique is a modern treatment for teak, it is easy to apply and works long lasting. Since Apple Bee Teak Color Restore Antique is 100% water-based, it is obviously non-flammable and environmentally friendly. The treatment protects your teak and makes it look beautiful by ensuring that the natural honey-brown color of teak is preserved longer. Apple Bee Teak Color Restore Antique does not let your teak turn black or gray during the entire season. This is in contrast to many other teak oils or teak sealers that often need to be applied 4 times a season. Moreover, it protects your teak from the sun.

Teak Color Restore Coastal
Apple Bee Teak Color Restore Coastal is intended for teak products with the Coastal finish. Just like the Color Restore Antique this maintenance product is 100% water based. After a treatment with the Teak Color Restore Coastal, the gray coastal color of the teak wood will be preserved longer, moreover, the teak is protected against moisture, fungi, algae and UV radiation. Use the product according to the user instructions and enjoy your coastal teak furniture longer.

Teak Shield
Apple Bee Teak Shield is a maintenance product based on synthetic polymers that have water and dirt repellent properties and is resistant to algae and fungal growth. If you want your furniture to take on the silver-gray color without green deposits, you can best use Apple Bee Teak Shield. Apple Bee Teak Shield guarantees the preservation of the typical silver-gray patina of teak for a long time.

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