Rope (& Belt)
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Rope (& Belt)

For some of the furniture, Apple Bee uses ‘rope’ as a material for wickerwork. This is mechanically produced rope, with a PVC core. Sustainable waterproof fibres are twisted around it, that feel soft to the touch. As a result this ‘rope’ offers the best of two world: solid quality with little stretch, with a soft and comfortable touch. But we also use a combination: Rope & Belt. By combining rope and belt, Apple Bee has developed a new wicker structure. With the round “rope” chain and the flat “belt” weft, an interesting play of lines is created. The way in which the round “rope” chain is woven through and around the frame is truly masterful.

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There are several properties that make the rope so useful for outdoor furniture. It is very strong, easy to maintain, durable and dries quickly. The rope we use at Apple Bee is also UV resistant, which means it does not fade in the sun!

Rope furniture

At Apple Bee, we have known for a long time that it is impossible to imagine a garden without rope. That is why we have been using this fine material for some time now. As the name implies, these are garden furniture made of rope. Not just any rope of course. The rope is specially designed for outdoor use and made to last for years.


The belts that we use in our furniture are processed in different widths. With the belts, a flat weave structure can be achieved, which has a fine or coarse appearance due to the different widths. The belts are made of the same durable and water-resistant soft fibres as the "rope", thus creating a comfortable piece of furniture, even without adding a cushion.

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