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Berkeley is the oldest campus of the University of California. This campus is considered to be the flagship of the University and is known as a very high quality and prestigious campus. Young, talented people are studying here, and they’re full of confidence! Apple Bee’s Berkeley table has the exact same properties as Berkeley University, namely high quality and prestigious! Prestigious because of the cutting-edge and sturdy design, high quality thanks to the light weight concrete (LWC = Light Weight Concrete) table top.

The design of the Berkeley table is inspired by our successful Oxford table and executed in a new, contemporary version. The attractive teak wood has a long tradition in garden furniture and looks good combined with sturdy concrete. The teak legs of the Berkeley table are finished with a luxurious antique finish. Dining chairs such as Del Mar and Square from the Apple Bee range are great to combine with it, because of the similar antique finish of the teak wood and the pavement fabrics fits nicely with the colour of the Berkeley’s concrete table top.


Light weight concrete (light weight cement) is a so-called fibre cement board, which is also used for facade panels. Both the inside and outside of the concrete table top are made of compressed cement fibres in combination with glue and magnesium. The magnesium ensures that the material is lightweight but remains extremely strong.

The table top is finished with a beautiful hammer finish coat. The LWC table top of the Berkeley is really strong and is not affected by rain or wind. It does not suffer from tear or cracking. Also, the table was tested in temperatures down to -15 Celsius without any problems!

Many producers of concrete table tops use stone, aluminium or glass fibres as a core material, covered with a cement mixture. Unlike Apple Bee’s LWC, this means that the material can crack quickly. Apple Bee’s LWC excludes this phenomenon.

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