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Aluminium is a very lightweight and rustproof material, which makes it perfect for garden furniture. The material is almost always used in combination with materials that are widely used in outdoor furniture, which enhance the properties of the light metal, such as wicker, teak and rope.  But we also have some collections made entirely of aluminium, such as the Delgado Lounge.

We use aluminium for the basic frames of all our furniture, as it is lighter than steel and more wear-resistant. For wickerwork furniture, our Biculair® wickerwork thread is woven around the aluminium frame. We produce these aluminium tubes in house, this way we can always determine the ideal tube and shell thickness. This way we can guarantee the Apple Bee quality that you’re used to!

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Powder coated

Did you know that all our aluminium is powder coated to give it the desired colour? This process is environmentally friendly and does not involve any chemicals. Powder coating creates a layer that protects the material from various weather conditions.

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