Long Island Lounge Antique
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Long Island Lounge Antique

Robust teak wooden beams, fused together into a tough and timeless lounge furniture. The Long Island will certainly not go unnoticed in your garden or on your terrace, in whatever setup!

The antique finish applied to the teak gives this set a very stylish character. The narrow cracks between the teak slats guarantee the beautiful clean lines that run over the furniture. The slim aluminum frame at the bottom of the lounge set provides contrast with the robust top. The dark gray BEE WETT® cushions complete the whole. Optional is the teak table that can be placed between the benches. To ensure that the beautiful color of the Long Island is preserved, we advise you to use Teak Color Restore Antique. Would you prefer the furniture to be platinum gray? Then use Teak Shield to ensure that the furniture is nicely and evenly colored, without the intervention of mold or moisture which can pull into the wood. This way you decide what look your furniture will get.

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