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Is wickerwork out of fashion? Is all wickerwork the same? Isn’t wickerwork hip anymore?
Mabey it is if you don’t innovate as Apple Bee does. Look at the FFF lounge set!

FFF stands for Form Follows Function. This principle has been a concept in modern architecture and industrial design since the beginning of the 20th century. This means that the design of a construction work or product is the result of – or is based on – its intended function or final use. At Apple Bee, this principle has resulted in a new version of this lounge set. Everything is grand and compelling in this set; the seat is no less than one metre deep and the wicker thread 20 mm thick.

This gives a totally new, hip and cool look, making wickerwork anything but old-fashioned. Rather timeless! Extra thick cushions in a luxurious, fluffy version finish the set. The premium line features Bee Wett® technology on the cushions, which ensures that the cushions dry quickly after heavy rain. So, you can simply leave the cushions outside. The drainage on the bottom of the cushion ensures that the water can easily leave the cushions.

In its generous size, you can get lost in luxury and comfort. The FFF is therefore ideal for lounging. For example, you can easily enjoy the lounge chair with two people; if that is not Form Follows Function!

This extremely thick weave thread requires a special braiding technique, which only the best braiders master. These craftsmen woven each wire one by one manually. With FFF, you get a real piece of craftsmanship in the house.

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